Arte Sana Monteverde

Mi body is alive.



We are used to listening and following orders from an expert and we have forgotten how to pay attention to our own body.

In many cases, this expert is not even a woman, referring to the fact of not having a womb, even when sometimes we are attended by a woman and diagnose us a treatment for our disease, she tells us how to take care of ourselves...


How to struggle with our own body, with the manifestations that we do not know how to listen and that we destroy with pills.


Through time experiments have been done to our body, we never ask ourselves, why aren't there birth control pills for males? Yes, they are always fertile.



That way, through time, science has used us as a living laboratory to manipulate and trade with our marvelous and divine sexuality. 


We have allowed them to separate us from our own source, from knowing ourselves, discovering ourselves, recognizing ourselves and what happens with our moon cycle, with the wisdom of the woman linked to mother earth.


Natural gynecology aims towards to rescue the knowledge about the use of those medicinal plants that provide health and wellness to women before, during and after their menstrual cycle or during menopause.



There are multiple ways to utilize the medicinal plants and to make use of them into prevention, control and daily pleasure in our lives.

Terapia de liberación emocional

Es liberarse de emociones negativas mientras vivimos y experimentamos múltiples emociones.

Vivimos experimentando muchas emociones y muchas veces son abrumadoras, que llegan a manifestarse patológicamente.

La mayoría de nosotros preferimos olvidar estos acontecimientos pero desafortunadamente la influencia de esto puede quedarse atrapada con nosotros en el cuerpo, en los órganos, provocando un desequilibrio físico y emocional.

Una emoción atrapada puede causar distintos trastornos de reacciones, hacer suposiciones incorrectas, reaccionar de manera exagerada frente a comentarios o situaciones inocentes, ansiedad, miedo, depresión u otras reacciones indeseables.

El liberar una emoción atrapada causará una sensación de liviandad inmediata y aliviará otros síntomas patológicos.

Arte Sana Monteverde