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The mirror of the inner child


4 hours

A space to connect with intuition and creativity between mirrors, paintings and mosaics.

In an atmosphere of harmony, peace and creativity, through your presence, music, the connection with your inner child,and a hot medicinal drink, we reconnect with our simplest state of joy and inspiration and we paint independently using different techniques and materials.


Espacio para conectar con la intuición y la creatividad entre espejos, pinturas y mosaicos.

En un ambiente de armonía, paz y creatividad, a través de la presencia,la música y la conexión con tu niño interior, una bebida medicinal caliente, reconectamos con nuestro más sencillo estado de alegría e inspiración y pintamos libremente utilizando diferentes técnicas y materiales.


Ana Ovares

I have been a potter my whole life and have been making ceramic figurines of the goddesses for over 30 years.
I love the process of making each individual piece and seeing them emerge from the clay. I am passionate about sharing this process and the sacred and creative way of creating these goddesses with you.
My studio “ArteSAna” is in the Cloud Forest in Monteverde, Costa Rica.
My workshop is prepared to receive anyone who is curious about clay, the awakening of the sacred feminine energy and the process of making ceramic art.

Ana Ovares
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