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Lunar goddess tour


4 hours

This is a walk to reconnect with medicinal plants and intuitive knowledge. I will lead you on a walk through the Goddess garden. Through an exploration of our senses, you will connect with ancestral knowledge. First, we start with a presentation and introductions, hearing your expectations settings intentions.

Then, we walk through the medicinal gardens and learn about the phases of the moon, the biodinanism between plants, and their relationship to us and our emotions. We learn about respect as we approach plants. Afterwards, we return to the studio to prepare the medicines.

I will teach about the types of healing products that I prepare with these plants, and show you how to prepare an herb bundle or tincture. After learning about the process, you will take home a smudge stick with herbs from the garden. You will discover the magic present in nature and in your inner child.

Everyone is welcome! There is much to see, share, do, learn, and I can’t wait to experience it with you!


Te guiare en un recorrido por el jardín de la Diosa, donde atreves de la exploración de los sentidos podrás conectar y recordar saberes ancestrales. Crearas con tus propias manos un atado de hierbas y aprenderás el proceso de hacer los extractos herbales de plantas medicinales orgánicas, así descubrirás la magia de estar presente con la naturaleza y la curiosidad de tu niño interior.


Ana Ovares

I have been a potter my whole life and have been making ceramic figurines of the goddesses for over 30 years.
I love the process of making each individual piece and seeing them emerge from the clay. I am passionate about sharing this process and the sacred and creative way of creating these goddesses with you.
My studio “ArteSAna” is in the Cloud Forest in Monteverde, Costa Rica.
My workshop is prepared to receive anyone who is curious about clay, the awakening of the sacred feminine energy and the process of making ceramic art.

Ana Ovares
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