ArteSAna -- Guidelines for Volunteers




Welcome to ArteSAna! I am pleased to have you here to experience authentic life in Monteverde and to contribute to ArteSAna. I have prepared these guidelines for volunteers in order to ensure that you have a good experience while you are sharing time here.



Shared room (depending on number of volunteers)

Shared bathroom

Key to house provided

Towels, bed linens, light housekeeping for room as needed

Washer available for use and space for drying


3 vegetarian meals per day, Monday through Saturday (all meals are family style)

Typical Costa Rican foods

Coffee, tea, and water during day


Cost of food/lodging

$15 per day per person, 6 days/week = $90 per week



Monday to Saturday

Hours – Average of 6 hours per day

Work Process:

  • We will have a preliminary discussion to decide the scope and details of the work. Examples of volunteer projects, based on the needs of ArteSAna and the goals of the volunteers:

    • Landscaping/care of the gardens

    • Language lessons (French)

    • Translations

    • Assist with art projects

    • Assist with preparation of medicinal plants

    • Preparation of spaces for ArteSAna activities (e.g. cabina for rental, studio for classes)

  • I will provide all tools and materials for the work.

  • I will meet with volunteers every morning to discuss the day’s work. During the day, I will be available to consult, answer questions, and supervise the work.


Sundays – Free days for all. Meals on your own.



Wash and hang own clothes

Help with meal preparation

Participate in cleaning up after meals

Keep track of work hours

Smoke only in designated area

Clean up after yourself (in room, house and for work activities)

Communicate your needs and concerns openly

Maintain a friendly, enthusiastic, and respectful attitude (be nice ☺)


ArteSAna Philosophy

The philosophy for volunteerism at ArteSAna is that we co-create an exchange to foster mutual health, tranquility, and friendship in a peaceful and serene setting. ArteSAna provides experiences in art and physical and spiritual health for all clients and volunteers. We welcome participants from around the world of all origins and faiths. Our goal for volunteer opportunities is to be sure that each volunteer feels as if her/his time is well-spent while participating in the life of ArteSAna in Monteverde.


¡Bienvenidos!   Welcome!

Arte Sana Monteverde