Cerámica Moon Mother
Moon Mother

Imagine a standing woman in front of you, bathed in moonlight.


She is radiant underneath the silver white light and in her palms two full moons rest.

In her forehead, she carries a white star, in her heart a silver chalice surrounded by a pale rose light, and at the height of her womb there is a golden pot that irradiates light and contains the oceans of the world.

From her womb, golden roots grow, which dissapear Earth deep. This woman is calm, complete, strong, soft and loveful.

She is a Moon Mother who holds the energy of Blessing.


A Moon MOther is a woman that had listened the calling in her heart, to hold the vibration of the Sacred Feminity shared.

This way she can share it personally to other women and aid on awakening and deep healing.

Shemanages this by offering individual Womb Blessings and through energy sharing during the Worldwide Womb Blessing.

She travels a beautiful path offering awakening and individual healing of feminity, as well as the awakening and healing of groups of souls for the women in Earth.

Each Blessing is a step further to bring purity and grace, the love and the light, serenity and wisdom from de Feminie Divinity, and to livethe best possible version of our feminity and our life.

Moon Mother Artesana

As a Moon Mother I deliver the womb blessing and healing, which are energetic therapies.


They consist in the balance of the greater energetic centers inour body, and integrating our ,feminie aspects to realease negative pattterns that we haveadquired in our generational lineage, generations before.

When we activate and harmonize pur womb we live harmony and balance in our life as a woman, remembering and recovering our power.

This therapy is delivered in naturein a sacred and integral way in each woman.

Arte Sana Monteverde