My r4ealtionship with medicinal plants began since my childhood when I looked at my grandmother using them; when I was a child the only medicine available was plant medicine.


Planting, cutting, collecting.

Tincture preparation, herbal wines, insect repellent, oils and artisan teas...

I prepare them according to the moon cycles.

In which days can I collect, cut, plant o process the herbs?

That's how the best vibration is obtained and therefore the plants' full energy.

 The gardens are placed in a sectioned pattern so the wellness, benefits ant utility of them is adequately seized.




 The Ying Yang Garden, spiral of meditation and healing.


This is a medicinal plants garden in a spiral shape, formed in relation to the chakras, the elements, the body organs related to these energetic vortices and the plants that aid in their equilibrium.


From this garden I prepare in an artisan manner the tinctures and the oils to balance the seven chakras. 



The Goddess Garden.


This is a medicinal plants garden only for femenine use.


My expertise as a therapist and observation has lead me to recognize the necessity to aid women;s health, which also motivated me to create this garden, with this purpose.

Seven medicinal plants tradicionally used by our ancestors en natural ginechology.

This garden was born to honor the ancient wisdom of the cyclic women, for our grandmothers.



Arte Sana Monteverde