A path for re-encounter with Ginergy, through the four elements.

Maiku Armonization.

This is a method for bioreprogramating accumulated energy since fecundation and through life in the memory of the four elements:




Expressed in the physical health of the feminie system and it´s influence en the cyclic, creative energy, relationships and situations in our lifes.

Maiku Blessing

It is a Maiku energy transmisson en the Wheel of Femnine Medicine.

It´s a desig inpired by the light beings through the language of native cosmovision.

It work directly at the concious and organic level (biologic).

The Maiku Ginergetis Maiku Guides® can connect and move the Cosmic energy and the Earth´s energy, transmitting Maiku or Ruby transforming light, directly over the memory of the feminie system, activating the centers that sustain healthm fertility, the gifts and the mystical talents as well as creative talents.


Maiku Blessing

Ginergetic Armnization


Wheel of Feminine Medicine

It´s a custom attention session.


Consultant and Maiku Guide that will drive you through a journey of recognizing your our ginergy throught the four elements, in which you will the active piece. 


Closes in a ceremonial way.

Session: 1 hour.


Can be delivered individually or in groups.



Ruby Vibrational Armonization 

Ginergetic Bio-reprogramming

Maiku Blessing Ceremony



Personal crystal


A Maiku Blessins is not a chamanic ritual, is not a ritual based in supertitios or adoration.

Maiku is not a hand imposition.

It is not a psychological or medical procedure that can substitue or replace alopatic medicine.

It is a complimentary support to rectify certain tendencies that can sustain illness.

Arte Sana Monteverde