Ana Maria Ovares

Founder of ArteSAna.
specialized in Pottery and Intuitive Art. 
Holistic and Spiritual Therapist.
Moon Mother.
Maiku Guide.
Medicinal Plant Connoisseur.
Everything I do grows from the knowledge that all is one: gratitude, art, and healing.
I believe that gratitude takes us closer to our path to happiness. 
I grew up in the cloud forest of Monteverde, and I've lived here my entire life; arts and healing are my passion.
I am an artist, throughout diverse ways: intuitive painting, mosaic muralist, pottery and  the connection with nature wich add beauty to my life.

All of my creations are inspired by intuition and a deep connection with nature surrounding me.

I am passionate about healing and being able to help others live their lives consciously; I've been working with professional therapeutic massage for over 15 years.
During these years I've studied holistic therapies like Reiki, Johrei, and deepened in subjects as conscious eating, medicinal plants, spiritual healing and I've been certified as acupuncturist.  These activities, far beyond being my job are part of who I am.


Ana was born and lives at Monteverde, she is a self-taught multifaceted artist and holistic therapist who started experimenting with art since she was a little child, she used clay as it was plasticine.

Pottery master also creates in mosaics (muralist) and has worked decorating several houses and places within Monteverde as well as in other places in Costa Rica and countries abroad.


Ana handles various materials as paper mache, paint, candles, creates her own incenses with dried herbs and essential oils.


The products she uses for her artwork are mostly recycled, cardboard, glass, styrofoam, second-hand fabrics and any other object she can re-shape into an art piece.


Her greatest inspiration is her daughters, the trees which represent life and our ancestors' stories, as well as the feminine archetypic figures.


Making art is a therapy, a blessing and an important part of her present and her spiritual development.

She believes that working is really important, but what matters the most is to do what you love.

Ana is influenced artistically by her father, who was a coffee basket crafter, that is the only artwork known in her family.

The support her family provides is really important to her.


Ana's workshop is home-based, therefore her holistic medicine knowledge and her artwork are bonded together.


She cares about the environment and health. With her artwork, she tries to recycle, re-use and aware her community about the importance of refusing a consumerist way of living, therefore stop waste generation.


In all of her therapies she makes use of natural methods, as an example, she usually encourages her patients to make a small change in their lifestyle, before recommending the use of medicine, rather than taking a pill we must change our physical, emotional and spiritual environment, in our own home.

Arte Sana Monteverde